2023 Streaming Schedule

Streaming Schedule Updated

TIKTOK Reward levels are listed below. Levels start from 1-40 and above. Whenever you give multiple gifts, you reach a new Gift Level Status. People with diamonds by their name with a ranking of 30 and above are High Level Gifters. You can recharge your coins by going through the app or ww.tiktok.com and logging into your account. 

When you sub to my Tiktok Account: Thearabellasruby, you will receive a "KING" badge and a fire emoji by your name. Every time you make a comment, you will see the badge light up by your name while your in my account

Level up in Gift status from 0-40+ in my tiktok account: Thearabellasruby


After every single TikTok LIVE my Top Three Gifters will receive a follow back from me and stats will be posted on my Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook Stories. Below are the TOP Gifts to reach high level status.

When your inside a LIVE, Double tapp the screen as much as possible. This helps Tiktoks algorithm to push the creator on the "For You Page" and we can receive maximum "likes" and bring awareness to our page.

Share the LIVE on every platform with the arrow button on the bottom of the screen, click on the gift box to recharge coin balance, follow, and send gifts on videos & live. These are all the ways you can support any Tiktok creator.


Cash App: $arabellasruby

Paypal: Rubyredenterprisellc@gmail.com

Venmo: PoisonA


PO BOX 547062

Surfside, FL 33154


2023 Expectations


Back Up TikTok Account: Lilithseed| Official Discord: Arabellasruby| Use Hashtag #KINGDOM👑 In Your TIKTOK Bio