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Some people wake up one day and say hmmmm, why no try acting? It looks fun and its something new! Although, it is! However, that was never the reason why I wanted to do it. Acting is my first love, my passion, the reason I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face ready to take over the entire day and bless everyone along the way! Acting life.. real acting.. is very hard, even for a person like me who knows the route, the steps it takes to be on top takes real time and real energy. But just like with anything else, if you truly passionate about it, it doesn't matter how long it will take you to make it! Because you love it that much! 

The moment I  knew I wanted to become an actress the first time I watched "Hook". Robin Williams (rest in peace) was my favorite actor in the world and he could do no wrong in my eyes. He stole my heart, burst it into pixie dust, raised fire flames that glowed throughout my body and the rest is history. He is the reason why my love for acting has grown so much everyday. Although, I have several greats I look up to as well; Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie...Robin just resonated the best with me. It was like, I could feel what he was feeling, all the way from the  other side of the television screen. For someone to have that much power and influence and I never met him a day n my life was something I wanted to do with the rest of the world.....and thats how I truly got started. :) 

Age Aint nothing But A Number

To be real, I'm still fairly new to this game! What does that mean? Honestly, I started modeling at a young age for department stores like, JCpenny, Macys, photoshoots over seas, and small business clothing lines. Even though I feel like acting and modeling go hand in hand, it still doesn't compare to the mental toughness of portraying a totally different  person outside your comfort zone. The scary place. The place none wants to go in, because they are terrified at how people will judge them. But me, I'm one of those people that jump in the most frightening advertures because I'm a little crazy, but HEY, all the GREATS are! But I'm getting off the subject here.

I say that to say, I started young, but then life happened, and joined the Airforce at 18 years old. So, I had a eight year break and hopped right back into it once I got out. Some people would think that since they been out the game so long, there would be no reason to start back because its too much work. Don't view it like that. Realistically, my eight years of service was eight years of acting training to add to my resume. What a lot of people don't understand is, is that everything you do is an experience or a learning curve, and not a mistake. Nothing is slowing you down in this life. If you needed to do it, the universe will make sure it will happen to take you to the next step. As I said before, its all apart of the journey. Every bad and good experience, just adds to your level of expertise! So yes, in that aspect, age is nohing but a number. No, Im not too old (30 at the time of writing this) to really get deep into my acting career. Casting directors look for all types of shapes, sizes, hair color, tattoos, and even real pregnant people! Therefore, I'm building on my resume to make sure they understand I'm qualified for whatever is thrown my way. But, you cannot expect to be in a leading role without any training! Thats like graduating high school, and walking to your favorite doctors office and applying to be a brain surgeon when you don't even know what tools to use! Life doesn't work like that. Yes, some people do get lucky, but it is a very rare case. If you really want to take this seriously, you have to make a decision now to put some sweat, blood, and tears, into the game just like I am and still doing till this day! If you ever wanna check on a little bit of my here IMDB or even Youtube

In addition to my acting career, I have also decided to build my own production company in the process. I don't believe in waiting on the perfect role when I can just create it and figure out the rest later. If you sit around and wait all day for your dreams to come knocking at your door, more than likely it will never happen. But if you decide your going to take control of your life and not wait on a paycheck, you'll be able to be the person that writes the paycheck!

Orange Room Radio 2016 Interview

Word on the street is I sound good on the radio too, lol! Fun Fact: The first time I got on Apple is when I created my first podcast on iTunes. You can now find me on Anchor just talking about whatever comes to my mind! I love doing interviews because its like a time capsule of your life to see where you were then to where you are today. Whenever I need motivation or inspiration form another actor or entreprenuer, I always look up the interviews from them. They are the most powerful and free sources of knowledge you can find! This 2016 interview with host Condo in ATL was one of my favorites! Good Vibes, Good people and Good wine! Click the link to listen to a real Unicorn speak!

Arabella S. Ruby 2016 ATL Interview

Took a poll with Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to come up with a questionnaire for anybody that wanted to know anything about the unicorn. So yes, gotta show love to the fans too! Y'all keep me going and I love ya! Check out the VLOG here! 

VLOG Questions and Answers Edition

How to Become and Actor, Just Take The First Step

Like I said before, this isn't easy, and there is way more to it then red carpets, paparazzi, TMZ or getting that blue verified check on Instragram. Listen, if you don't ever take in anything I say or listen too in your life, take this one piece of advice. Don't start a business if you have an escape route! Thats exactly what acting is. A Business first, and getting roles second. You have to learn, comprehend, and execute the proper steps behind the scenes if you want to be on the big screen. YES, it does take a long time, skill, hard work, and sometimes becoming a loner to get yourself together. But guess what, if it is truly your passion, you will do whatever that needs to be done, Period! I have taken countless classes, courses, spoken to the industry professionals, watched movies, plays, and a lot of auditions. However, none of it will work until you have the "showbiz" foundation first!

No miracles, no fluff, no bs! Training from the best, dedication, footwork, and faith make this dream come true.There is no such thing as an overnight success. Get the knowledge, get the training and then, APPLY the knowledge and training! Faith without works is dead, and the universe relies on speed and dedication.

Yes, you are GOOD ENOUGH to do it too..SO JUST DO IT!!!

"Stopped Using word "I can't" When I Found Out, How I Could"

-The Original Unicorn