Welcome to my World Babes! Yes, you have stumbled, tripped, fallen head over heels, tiptoed, wandered, happy bounced, slithered, millie rocked, or skipped all the way to my LOVE site and I am happy to have you here! But first, a little bit more about the Unicorn and how she became the Entertainer she is today!

My mind is one big ball of Abstract Fantasy, Pounds of Glitter, and Milky Way Magic! The crazy thing is, I have always been like that, but just a few years ago after I left the USAF was I able to fully transform into the Artist I was born to be. I am the perfect example of living young, wild, and free! Being able to create original art whether it be from my own body, mind, mouth, music, dance, acting, modeling, or writing..its my freedom of expression that makes me happy.There is nothing on earth that makes me smile more than being able to make someone else smile or feel loved in just begin myself.

Everyday I naturally come up with seductive and creative ways to make the world pay attention to my tantalizing love songs...So why not do it all the time! With the help of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it makes life easy in connecting with people similar to what I like, so why not make a baby of my own. :) Thats why I have dedicated this website to you. My fans, my supporters, my unicorn warriors, anyone thats looking for art, inspiration, passion, love, something magical, or even a spark to start a flame..I hope I can bless a need and sprinkle it to you..and Remember, if nobody ever told ya.. Bella Loves YA! Xoxoxo



I am so elated you asked that question my blue berry creamsicle love pops! Being the wild entertainer I am, I plan on fulfilling this love boat with All types of Unicorn Magic! From downloading visual ebooks and exclusive yet tasteful pictures and videos that cannot be found anywhere else! Special codes and discounts on any unicorn merchandise found on the website; Big announcements on all movies, films, music videos, plays, meet and greets, shows, comedy skits, or anything dealing with the entertainment world. Future classes and courses on how you can be your own entreprenuer as well are coming so we can all win! Basically, any and everything I can think of that comes from Bellas Heart will be here.. Straight from the Unicorn herself!

Don't Forget to Become a Unicorn Loyal below :)

"Fun Facts About "The Original Unicorn"

- I knew I wanted to be an Actor when I seen "Hook" with Robin Williams

- Before I joined the USAF my first job was at Journeys and Chuck E Cheese

- My zodiac sign is Cancer and have never Cheated in my Life!

- #1 Passion is Acting, but I have a secret desire to learn Belly Dancing

-People think I'm 5'8, but in real life I'm only 5'5

- Named myself "TOU" because Diddy told me I was and I believed him

- Was the JROTC Raider Team captain senior year of Highschool

- Grew up around majority of men, so deep down I'm a real "Tom Boy"

- Extremely afraid of heights, but will go on the most dangerous Roller Coasters in the World

- Majority of the time I listen to old school R&B..the nastier the better :)

"At the End of the Day, I Don't Care What People Think About Me. If It Feels Good To Me, Imma Do IT!"

-The Original Unicorn