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⏰Last Ebook of The Year Babe! Three days Left!😱
November 05, 2019

On Friday, its going Bye Bye...

November 5th, 2019

Hello Sweet Butter Biscuit,

You have exactly three days left to get the Limited Edition Halloween Series ebook Babe! This is the LAST ebook of the Year and no others will be coming after it! So grab it before its deleted!!!

Click on the Pumpkin to see more info...

Side note: Don't always get a chance to check your emails? No worries! You can NOW get TEXT notifications from Me! (like frfr)

Just text "unicornbae" to number 31996 and your in!

Don't forget to use code for LAST "Limited Edition Halloween Series Ebook" of 2019:

Use Code "Halloween666"


Arabella S. Ruby aka The Original Unicorn

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