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UnicornLoyalLetter, Issue #002 The Candy Scoop!
November 20, 2017

Hola Unicorn Lover!!

Hola Unicorn Lovers, November 20th, 2017

Good Monday Morting My Succulent Raspberry Swirled Candied Pecan Cheesecake love bites! It is a beautiful and blessed day here in NJ and I have just finished up on on the fine tuning of “Foreign Candy 2”! Not to bragg but I’m pretty damn proud of myself and the SEXY ASS images created. Took me a few weeks to get everything right, but once the masterpiece was finalized, I was in awe my damn self!

Once again, thank you for caring about lil ol me and signing up for these things I call Love Letters because the world needs more of it ☺. So, as promised the date that “Foreign Candy 2” will be dropping is Friday December 1, 2017 at 7am and it is the “POISON IVY EDITION” ! Yes, the rest of my social media will know this date too, but I’m not releasing to all other platforms until November 27th! So yes… because you guys signed up.. you get to know before anyone else does.. AND don’t forget to check your email Friday Morning because I will be giving you guys a special discount code just for being a member!

That’s right! Bella takes care of hers like no other, because you are in my LOVE LAND so your mine now!! Muuuuuaaahhhhh hhahaaa haaaaa…. Lol ☺ But anyways, this picture below is actually a sneak peak into “Foreign Candy 2” straight off the camera roll. No edit, no photoshop, no nothing, and it WILL be in the ebook too.. THASS AND ALL!!!!

So there you have it! Foreign Candy 2 “Poison Ivy Edition” will be released Friday December 1, 2017 @7am sharp!...Stay tuned for the next email to receive your discount my loves!!!! Sprinkle Sprinkle all over ya inbox and have a BIG Money Bag day and the rest of the week!!! See you in Bella Land! Xoxoxoxoxo


Arabella S. Ruby aka The Original Unicorn

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