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🦄Unicorn LL Issue #13😛TGIF SEXXAY😜
December 29, 2017


December 29th, 2017 TGIF BABY!!!!

Don’t you just love Fridays?? Lord knows I do, because this is another day to bless you with another POUND of Sprinkle Sprinkle, hehe!! To be honest tho, I’m just now getting over a severe case of Bronchitis that kept me sick for over 2 weeks!!! Imagine being around family and babies tryna be cute and not hack in their face at the same time on Christmas day! Sh*ts hard as HELL, lol!

But anyways, Thank God I’m finally getting over it! Felt like it would never go away. Word to the wise… I was stocking up on every thing known to man, but I should of just stuck with a product called “Airborne” in the first place! I actually started feeling better within 24 hours of taking it and that’s no bs! So if you are going through it, or feeeel something bout to itch in ya throat, man go head and cop that “Airborne” on GOD it’s a life savor!

2018 is almost here and I got Alot of things in store, but I don’t wanna bombard you with everything in this email, you know… I love to tease ;). But besides that, the supreme positive feedback I have gotten back on Foreign Candy The First Edition and Foreign Candy 2 “The Poison Ivy Edition” have been like opening up Christmas gifts almost every other day!!!

And my “Wall of Fame” from my website, is getting bigger and bigger by the week! Makes me so happy to go on that page and see all those adorable love faces that support my RRE Appareal line, its like smelling a fresh pack of Krispy Kreme Donuts when the red light come on, mmm mmm good, ha!

Anywhoo, only a few days away for that 2018 ball drops and I hope your prepared! Get a goal list out and make them dreams happen baby! I’m living proof that nothing is impossible if you just stick with the plan, put in the work, and let the man upstairs do the rest… I got nothing but love for ya baby!!! SO LETS DO THIS!!! Thanks for loving on me too! Happy HOLIDAYS and soon Happy New Year!!! See you in 2018!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxooxox

I LOVE YOU!!! Sprinkle Sprinkle xoxoooxoxxo

Friendly Reminder:

What: “Foreign Candy 2” Visual Ebook


How: Automatic download to any electronic device


Arabella S. Ruby aka The Original Unicorn

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