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🦄Unicorn LL Issue #17😍I got some good news! OPEN ME!
March 09, 2018


March 9th, 2018

Happy Friday You Chocolate Caramel Frappe!!!

But did you miss da kid tho?!! I sholl hope you did. 2018 has been a whirlwind of events for me so far, and if you have been a Unicorn Loyal since these letters started then you know I am currently going through a journey that I have personally shared with you.

With that being said, I have some exciting news and that I am ELATED to share.. YASSSSS!!! Thank you for being part of the squad anf tuning in from time to time my love!!! Click on the screen below so you can find out what the good news is!!

Always rememba… Bella LOVES YA if nobody has told you lately, always and Forevaaaaa!!!! xoxoxoxo

I LOVE YOU!!! Sprinkle Sprinkle xoxoooxoxxo

Friendly Reminder:

What: “Foreign Candy 2” Visual Ebook


How: Automatic download to any electronic device


Arabella S. Ruby aka The Original Unicorn

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