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🦄Unicorn LL Issue #19 ❤️Mays Bag of Sprinkle Sprinkle!!✨
May 04, 2018


May 4th, 2018

Peace and Blessings my coconut Thai spring rolls. How are your feeling on this Blessed Freedom Friday? This year is flying by isn’t it? May already!! Ill be damned, lol! Anywho, this particular Unicorn Love Letter is about ten minutes long and some change, so I hope you don’t mind but I had a lot to share!.

We are going to be talking about my New Mini Ebook “Vanilla ThickShake” The Hennessey White Edition, my Sexy Ass Thigh High Stockings that are about to launch for the Thickies out all ova the World, and lastly..What exactly is going on with me and why I stopped doing skits!

So much to tell ya.. So little time.. hehe. Thank you for being apart of Bellas team baby. I will always and forever cherish every single member until the day I die!!

Promise ain’t nobody gonna love you like BELLA love you… Believe that!!! Xoxox. With all that being said, just click on the picture below to get the love letter started! Enjoy.. and see ya on da flip side!!!

New Mini Ebook: Vanilla ThickShake “The White Hennessey Edition”

Includes: 20 HD Extremely Sexy Photos not posted anywhere else

Use Code: 10% off “Hennessey7”

When: May 11th @7am

How: Digital download to any electronic device Instantly

Code Expires: May25th, 2018 Midnight


I LOVE YOU!!! Sprinkle Sprinkle xoxoooxoxxo

Friendly Reminder:

What: “Foreign Candy 2” Visual Ebook


How: Automatic download to any electronic device


Arabella S. Ruby aka The Original Unicorn

Unicorn Love Letter 19

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