Get You A Bella Poster Baby ;)

Want me on your wall? Its Poster season baby!!! Yes indeed my loves, I’m sending out this Exact poster right here (without the words) all over the world! I’m very keen to listening to what my fans need and want to make them happy. So of course, I am more than elated to provide the Limited edition “Garden Of Eden” poster for your googly eyed pleasure :). Sexy, Seductive, and I personally Sign every last one of them. Because you know, it’s the Unicorn thing to do lol. I love my supporters too much not to do this for you!

 Every single poster that goes out will also include a Love Letter from me with a discount code for future ebooks! That’s right, who makes love letters anymore??? I do!!! Believe that. So enjoy boo, and don’t forget who loves ya the most.. The Original Unicorn!!!

 Stay tuned in the future for more Sexy Posters added in Bella Land! Don’t forget to use hashtag #gardenofeden anywhere to let me know you got yours..Sprinkle Sprinkle boo xoxoxoxo

Click here to get your "Garden Of Eden" Poster

*While Supplies Last*